What’s the music gonna be like?

At Dance!?! Alt Fusion there will be a solid core of “fusion” (be that electronica, acoustic folk or indie, r&b, etc…) but we will also go to some more interesting areas of playing with music. This could mean different meters (for example: 5/4, 7/8, etc); playing with some genres we don’t typically dance to (for example: classical, other types of EDM, and music from international cultures); and playing with various ideas of silence. We hired DJ’s we know can read a room well and are willing to take us on a ride where we can all experiment together. And you, the dancers in the space, know you’re on the ride too!

In the glorious words of Savannah Rose Crespo, who was an INCREDIBLE, FANTASTIC DJ for us last year:

“When I was asked to DJ for Dance!?! Alt Fusion last year, I had no idea what to expect but I knew I had to be there–and I was right. DJing for this event was one of the most inspirational challenges and inspirations I’ve experienced as a DJ. My sets on Friday and Sunday night could not be more different and are evidence of the transformation I had around what I was “supposed to do” as a DJ for this event–to put it simply, it was until Sunday night that I really understood that *I* was there to play as much as anyone else. And play I did! From my favorite track off of the Tarzan soundtrack (“Trashin’ the Camp”) to a recording 5 year old telling a story about friends and frogs (“Raconte-Moi Une Histoire” by M83), it was a wild ride–and everyone was so brave and supportive of each other to adventure with me! All together, Dance?!? Alt Fusion was a weekend full of stretching the imagination in the support of a community of (absurd) friends. So excited for what they have in store for us next!”

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