SF Workshop

Awareness through Fun, Feelings, Form, and Flow

At Dance!?! Alt Fusion SF, our Saturday workshop is an integrated 5 hour experience focused on a particular theme, concept or idea. This event, the focus of our workshop is awareness! Our goal is to fine tune awareness in our movement, partner dance, and communities by playing through the Dance!?! Alt Fusion kaleidoscopic lens of ridiculous, dancing, fun!

What’s Awareness?
To be aware is to be conscious of yourself and your surroundings, to listen, to see, to feel, and to attend to the movements, actions, feelings, and words of those around you. By fine tuning awareness in our partner dancing, we can recognize more opportunities for creativity, become more expressive, expand our capacity for consent, and develop better connections with our dance partners and community members.

But How?
We will develop our awareness by using techniques from the movement practices of fusion partner dancing, contemporary dance, and contact improvisation, as well as performative practices, including clown and acting.

Here is a taste of some of the exciting things you will do during the workshop:

* Using the clown concept of Ringmaster and impulse passes, you will build your ability to follow impulses while also being aware of what is occurring around you and how others are reacting.
* By creating scores, you will engage in shaping a dance as a team and learn to flow along multiple levels of awareness.
* Using Music Muse, you will connect to the part of yourself that is inspired by the music.
* Through Blow Your Mind Dancing, you will explore awareness of what you’re focused on, when you lose focus, and what both look like in other people’s bodies.

An Invitation, For You!
At this workshop, you will be invited to try things that stretch your comfort zone and encourage your growing edges*. Come join us to expand your awareness and find new ways to have
Ridiculous, Dancing, F________!

Are you ready to take your awareness to the next level?
Register now to peak through the Dance!?! Alt Fusion kaleidoscopic lens of ridiculous, dancing, fun!




*A Note About Participating We recognize that we all might need a moment to regroup, work up to something, or jump in, and that it’s okay to feel a little wobbly while we learn to dance and play together. We also believe watching can be participating.