Your Fantastical DJs for the weekend are…

…(drumroll please)…

Julian Mocine-McQueen

Julian Dj’d his first party in 7th grade when the DJ his school hired flaked. He borrowed his Dad’s speakers and rocked the party. He hasn’t really stopped DJing since that night. He started throwing parties with friends in Highschool and college, and began DJing in and around San Francisco after that. He DJ’s monthly at Woods Bar and Brewery in Oakland (3rd Fridays). His vastly divergent musical tastes find him spinning soul, hip hop, rock, country, electronic and whatever else I feel like woh! Ultimately it comes down to the life affirming experience that can only be created by a room full of sweaty people creating magic together through sound and movement!

Mark Carpenter

Mark has been playing music for other people to dance to for a long time. In that time he has traveled the world and played for dancers in four continents, many countries, and even more cities. He has played at a few events you’ve probably heard of, and many more you probably haven’t. He’s won a couple of competitions and lost one once — and there was that one time someone complimented him and meant it.

Kelly Howard

Kelly loves to DJ almost as much as she loves to dance. In 2007, she began her DJ career in Seattle at house parties. Since 2009, she has DJed at blues, swing and fusion venues all over the world. She began traveling in 2012 and has DJed at various dance events in 13 different countries. Kelly combines a wide array of emotions and flavors: angst and grit, passion and despair. She loves creating a challenging atmosphere that keeps dancers wanting more. Some of her all-time favorite artists for fusion dancing are Beats Antique, Meschiya Lake, and Lynx & Janover.

Tony Sciscio

Tony dove into the deep abyss of this world they call Fusion back in 2012. It now has a firm grasp on his soul, and he has Chosen not to search for escape. He now travels between Sacramento and The Bay Area far too often in attempts to merge the dance communities (aka The Tony Express?), satisfy his cravings, and create one ginormous Fusion Family. If there is dance floor present, expect at least part of Tony’s body to be on it. If he is spinning, expect to see him chained to the DJ booth, itching for your feels. If you hear strange sounds, there’s a solid chance it will be coming from him…