DAF Team

Meet Our Ridiculous.Dancing.Fun Team!

Tresne Hernandez

Tresne loves to laugh, giggle, chorkle, guffaw, and smile! They enthusiastically pursue finding ways to bring delight to world: from connecting with humans and reveling in their magic, to creating spontaneous clean-up games after communal dinners. Dancing brings great fulfillment to their life. Since first boogie-ing with their dad as a kiddo, they’ve fallen in love with, and practiced, a plethora of dances including swing, blues, ghanaian, contra, waltz, contact improv, and fusion. Tresne is passionate about creating community which supports people to celebrate and pursue their own contribution to the world. Tresne explores how we express ourselves and create human connection through movement, clowning, and work with theater of the oppressed. You can usually find them in their natural habitat of Oakland, CA: miming around a lake, harmonizing with the elevator, or supporting people during birth!

“Dance like you’re juggling snowballs on a hot summer day, and it’s right after the moment in which the balls have melted, but just before the moment in which they will land, becoming puddles, and a rainbow of orbs of water extends between your hands.” – Mark Leidner


George is a queer and trans performer, teacher, and frequenter of social partner dances. They take these various ways of interacting with the world and their passion for connection and create classes and performances that are weird and wonderful, precise and playful, powerful and subtle. Once Colin Thomas said they dance with “gleeful precision”. George loves the social partner dance world and how it is wonderful place for people to connect. They dream of and work towards more accessibility and accountability within it. Partner dance is super important to them, and they want to share it with awkward people, artists, freaks, weirdos and queers, because they want to dance you!

Tian Yu Yen

Tian Yu dances for the love of life, movement, and freedom. Through dance we can express and discover the parts of ourselves that are deeply and essentially human, and even though Tian Yu has been dancing and teaching dance for many years, he continues to learn and discover through dance. His current explorations and interests include playing Capoeira, understanding and shaping dance culture, and expressing the random noises in the silence just before the drop (like the triangle in Trndsttr). Drawing from a diverse background of partner dances, solo dances, and martial arts, Tian Yu hopes to teach and share tools, concepts, and ideas which inform and develop people’s exploration, artistic articulation, and overall confidence in their movement, dance, and communities.

“Dancing is not a metaphor for life: dancing is living. So let every dance be a celebration of life all the joys and sorrows of living.”

Aimee Eddins

Aimee loves dancing; magical moments where words aren’t necessary, goofy back-and-forth, musical masterpieces, and walking down the street. She has been dancing since before she was born and since explored classical dances, folk dances, a variety of partner dances including Blues and dance agnostic partner dance, and dancing with robotic arms. Aimee particularly loves connecting with people with a twinkle in her eye and creating clarity in the world. Aimee currently cuddles her cat, teaches, DJs, and organizes events in Denver, CO, including the Dancing Root, Dance!?! Alt Fusion, and Mile High Blues. You can find out more about her and what shenanigans she’ll be up to next at SharingFlow.com

“Dancing and life are all about great communication. At the core is listening and expressing your true inner self.”